Hockey Club Lugano is asports association within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. It incorporates the identity and tradition of the club. It is the owner of the Hockey Club Lugano brand and is the main shareholder of Hockey Club Lugano SA, the joint stock company that manages the activities of the first team and the Juniores Elite team.

For his part,Hockey Club Lugano personally manages the Youth Section and the amateur part of the club. His role is above all project-oriented, long-term planning.


Hockey Club Lugano SA is a public limited company within the meaning of Art. 620 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations. Initially constituted with a share capital of CHF 600,000 paid in by thirty founding shareholders, it currently has a share capital of CHF 6,164,800 after being opened to the general public.

Taking into account the sports sector (first-team players + youngsters with a training contract), the technical, medical and locker room staff, the administration and marketing area, the youth section and the catering sector within the Cornèr Arena, the organisation Hockey Club Lugano now employs around 90 people professionally.

At their side a host of volunteers and semi-volunteers support the club in the organisation of the game and events. Examples include the areas of security and logistics, rink animation, the match officials' table, the non-professional coaches of the Youth Section, the Casetta Gialla and the Lugano Hockey magazine.